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Macrame Duster, Courtney Salerno x Amanda Russo Rubman

Macrame Duster, Courtney Salerno x Amanda Russo Rubman

Courtney Salerno in collaboration with Amanda Russo Rubman.

Materials /  Raw natural cotton, natural cotton, recycled  cotton

Artist Statement/
I have always enjoyed creating with my hands.   Weaving allows me to experiment with color, texture, and a multitude of fibers.  I often start a new piece without having a specific road map to the end product.  I allow the fibers to lead the design into the direction that they are meant to move and flow.  My work is a culmination of singular fibers, when woven together, construct a piece of art that transforms an untouched space into something beautiful. 

Artist Bio/
Courtney Salerno is a fiber artist living in the Hudson Valley, NY.  She began weaving in 2016 and creates in her home studio on handmade frame looms.  She is mostly self taught and experiments with a variety of fibers including cotton rope, yarn, wool roving, and hand dyed ribbons.  For the past two years, Courtney has created pieces for Upstate Art Weekend in collaboration with AR Studio.  
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