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Beauty Blossoms From All Things, Caroline Leonardo

Beauty Blossoms From All Things, Caroline Leonardo

Beauty Blossoms From All Things
Caroline Leonardo
Paper collage
11"x 14" (15"x19" framed)

I use collage as a way to listen deeply and speak from my heart. It has given me the gift of self discovery and the ability to intimately connect with others, further than my physical being can reach. I love the playfulness the language of dreams (symbology) affords me, even when sharing deep pain. The pieces I make are an honest expression of what I see in myself and the world around me; darkness and light, hope and joy, love and expansion.

Caroline began creating at a very young age, however her first conceptions were those of transforming her existence rather than tangible pieces of artwork. Raised in an isolated setting within the Stanislaus National Forest she spent her spare time at home laying on the forest floor or in a creek imagining alternative realities and dreams. Most of them came true. 

Later in life, after the passing of her first romantic love at nineteen years old, everything changed. As a way of connecting with the spirit realm and coping with such a tragic loss, Caroline began obsessively creating art of every medium over the next 10 years. Although most of it wasn’t very good, it certainly had heart.

Over the years of exploration Caroline found collage; in the form of paper, found objects, and fabric as the medium her imagination resonated with most. Having waned in fervor of her creative endeavors for nearly 4 years after an exceptionally difficult period in life, Caroline is rediscovering her inner voice of hope and purpose as a new way of being.

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