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Catskill Barbie 3-D Mood Boards

Catskill Barbie 3-D Mood Boards


Catskill Barbie layflats featuring vintage and handmade pieces.
12"x12" Acrylic frame with brass-tone corner accents.

Artist Statement/
As our attention spans wither and the pressure to multi-task looms, I relish any chance to focus on the world of Catskills Barbie.  Created to exist solely online, as ephemera, I jumped at the chance to display here.  Her world is 1/6 of ours and, much like hiding broccoli in children’s food, it was designed to sneak in a moment of zen into an otherwise busy day.   I want to make you smile.  And someday in the future, I hope you’ll remember this, take a deep breath, find joy in something small, and notice something you’ve never noticed before.

Artist Bio/ 
The artist has spent the past two decades behind the scenes of live television shows, photo shoots, marquee events, iconic properties and now, this tiny lady.  Together with her boyfriend, a professional photographer, she created Catskills Barbie after her mother cleaned out her attic and sent her childhood dolls across the country.  The process grew and quickly became an important extension of her mindfulness practice.  She enjoys finding and incorporating vintage pieces with her own creations, and delights in leveraging nostalgia without sentiment, creation without permanence.  


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